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Tourism and conservation work together at The Timber Trail

tcwetatttOne of New Zealand’s 22 Great Rides, the Timber Trail Lodge has been singled out for it’s environmental and community minded approach to business.

The lodge is located deep within Purerora Forest Park at the midway point of the 84km Timber Trail cycleway. Chris Roberts, Tourism Industry Aoteraroa Chief Executive recently stayed at the lodge calling it a ‘wonderful example of how well-conceived businesses can operate sustainably in New Zealand’s wilderness places.”

Timber Trail Lodge is located at Piropiro, the site of an abandoned native forest milling village. The remote and off-grid location embraces solar power along with programmes for recycling, predator pest control and native reforestation.

The lodge also places a strong focus on employing locals and working with small local businesses such as shuttle and bike rental operators. The Timber Trail Lodge’s recognition for sustainability is a key example of how tourism in New Zealand is managing balancing increasing visitor demand and caring for the environment, supporting local communities and delivering outstanding experiences.

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